Mitropa Rally Cup

25. November 2020

Mitropa Rally Cup 2021
Due to the unclear and unforseeable pandemic situation, the 2021 calender is only a provisional guidence based on our present knowledge. The Mitropa Commitee will undertake all necesseary efforts to support race organizers to keep races remaining in the championship, even if external forces makes date changes necesseary creating very close timing of rally events.

2021 Mitropa Rally Cup season opener in sight


The organisers of the Rally Velenje in Slovenia have received the green light to hold the first Mitropa Rally Cup round at the end of May. From 28-29…

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Lavanttal Rallye is candelled


After careful consideration and weighing up all possible scenarios, MSC Lavanttal had to give up the fight to host the event / The uncertain future…

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Cancellation Rally Opatija


Due to the Corona situation in Croatia and the resulting restrictions, the Opatija Rally has to be cancelled. For your information, please read the…

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Mitropa Rally Cup...

... connects Europe

2019 was a successful year for the MRC: 68 registered participants, more than at many other championships. 47 modern and 21 historical participants from nine different nations were on the entry list. The mere fact that 13 teams with R5 cars registered shows the enormous importance of the event in the international arena.

The fact that the MRC is an international series approved by the FIA ensures the participation of numerous foreign rally sportsmen in the individual competitions, among others from Romania, Greece and Turkey. In total, the MRC has again nine events - including beautiful and selective rallies in Austria and neighbouring countries. The six best results will be used for the yearly final classification. Thanks to the cooperation with the organizers, it is possible to offer the participants motor sports on a high standard, while maintaining contact with like-minded people from different nations and exchanging experiences. In many cases this has also resulted in lasting, private and cross-national friendships.

The principle of providing the MRC participants with affordable rallying continues to be a top priority for the committee. Accordingly, the Mitropa Rally Cup offers - as in the past - an ideal platform for private drivers who want to compete in an attractive international series at favourable conditions and compete with like-minded people. Among rally insiders, the MRC is accordingly also known as the "European Championship for private drivers". However, many drivers have already used the Mitropa Rally Cup as a springboard for an international career and have successfully established themselves in the rally scene.