Lavanttal Rallye is candelled


After careful consideration and weighing up all possible scenarios, MSC Lavanttal had to give up the fight to host the event / The uncertain future does not allow for orderly planning security.

What was feared but not hoped for has now unfortunately come to pass. The WeinbergerHolz Lavanttal Rally, originally planned for 15 May, has to pay tribute to the Covid virus this year as it did last year and has to be cancelled. MSC-Lavanttal chairman and organiser Horst Nadles is correspondingly crestfallen: "We fought for the staging of the Lavanttal Rally 2021 until the last moment, went through all scenarios that would have made it possible. We had several concepts in the ark, even a variant without spectators and in compliance with all safety precautions we had worked out." In the end, however, all the effort was not enough. Horst Nadles: "It was with a heavy heart that we had to decide yesterday in the club that we would have to cancel the rally again this year. The current circumstances do not allow us to make any other decision, because we have no certainty whatsoever about what will happen in the near future from an official point of view. Thus, an orderly realisation, which requires a clear planning strategy, is simply not possible.

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