Cancellation Rally Opatija


Due to the Corona situation in Croatia and the resulting restrictions, the Opatija Rally has to be cancelled. For your information, please read the letter from the chairman of the organising committee: 

Dear Rally Friends,
unfortunately we have to cancel the rally for this year (again). 
The Covid situation is bad in our country and we have no way to organise such a big event in Covid guidelines and there is no guarantee that we would get the permission. 35 days before the event and no answers from the authorities it is the only logical thing to do.
Apart from this problem, the Covid protocol states that the service parc should be closed to spectators, each team has a maximum of 3 people in the service parc. To enter Croatia you have to have a PCR test, to enter the Service Parc you have to have a PCR test that is not older than 48 hours, so it is possible that you have to do 2 tests. At this point it is pointless for us to organise the event and I don't think many crews want to go through all that. It's a problem for both the organisers and the teams.
We really hope that the rest of the season will go well and that we will put this Covid situation behind us and meet for a nice drink in Opatija in 2022!
We wish you all a good season and that you stay safe and healthy!

With best regards,
Dražen Puž
Chairman of the Organising Committee

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