»Future RallyStar« – Young Talent Program Of The Mitropa Rally Cup


This year the Mitropa Rally Cup announces a special promotion for young drivers up to the age of 25 – i.e. born in 1997 or younger.

With the »Future RallyStar« young people born in 1997 or later can compete with FIA homologated two-wheel drive cars of the groups RC4 and RC5 for a prize money pot of more than 12,000 Euros. The provisional regulations for this are currently still being agreed, but are already available for download on the website www.mitropa-rally-cup.com. Entries for the 2022 season can be made online via the Mitropa Rally Cup website.
"We want to help young drivers to gain experience on the international stage, to support them by sharing experiences in the Mitropa Rally Cup community," said Mitropa Rally Cup President Norberto Droandi. "What is unique about the Mitropa Rally Cup is that rally drivers from different nations come together and share the common experience of "rallying" in a very familiar atmosphere. Many drivers gain their first international experience in rallying at a high level in this way and use this as a springboard for their careers."
In this year's Mitropa Rally Cup, teams will be fighting for the winner's trophies at 9 events in 6 countries. Since the Cup was founded in 1965,

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