Planning for the 2021 season is ongoing.


Dear drivers of the Mitropa-Cup family and,
above all, dear friends!

Normally you receive from Mitropa Rally Cup Committee technical communiqu├ęs or information about the Championship.
This year was different, difficult, uncertain, because we were overwhelmed by the Covid pandemic, and more than other years we would like to personally embrace you and wish you all the best for the upcoming holidays.

Thanks to communication technologies we have written messages throughout the year, we called each other, seen each other on Facebook, and reassured each other that everything was going well, we have virtually toasted together, many times, even from far away, for birthdays, parties, during dinners, each in their own homes.
We laughed and joked together, and it was always a great emotion.

In this way, despite the absence of the 2020 Mitropa Championship, we have been close, all, drivers, mechanics, families, and friends, each one who has an active part in our races.

The Committee has always worked, even the difficulties and uncertainties are still present, so that the 2021 Championship once again can unite us, stimulate us, and make us compete, with the certainty of being able to have a great end-of-year party and celebrate all together.

The desire to see each other again, to be there at the first start, and to see the competition in special practice is really great - like then singing "brindisino" all together.

The first race will be in three months, it still seems like a long time, but the longest wait is behind us.
Around 20. February 2021 registration will open for the first rally.
We will be waiting for you with open arms, sure that you will be numerous and eager like us to give life to a memorable championship that will make you forget this long pause".

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and happy holidays

22. December 2020
Norberto Droandi
President Mitropa Rally Cup

and your
MRC Organizing Committee